Nutrition is such an important part of our health. Our bodies need certain nutrients to run properly. If we are not eating healthy foods, it’s like putting gas with sand in a car. Of course it’s not going to run quite right.

A lot of people tell me that they have low-energy, are tired a lot, and that they can’t workout because they don’t have the stamina. I always recommend that people start with their nutrition. Once you start fueling your body properly, you will find that it functions better, you have more energy, you sleep better and overall you FEEL better! That’s my hope for you.

The best recommendation I can make for people who want to work on their nutrition is to start replacing one meal a day with Shakeology. It’s an easy meal (takes 30 seconds to make) and it fuels your body with over 70+ superfood ingredients. This is giving your body dense nutrition and it will help you get back on track!

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