21 Day Fix Extreme Results

21 Day Fix Extreme ResultsI have been ~DREADING~ doing this post which is why it’s taken me a while (considering I finished the program on March 1st). But, here it is…

The truth is, I don’t love sharing my before/after photos. AND I didn’t do as well with this program as I had hoped. You know, HIDING on Facebook is *SO* much easier. Lurking on other people’s profiles but not sharing YOUR story is easier. And it’s also easier to focus on your “highlight reel” rather than real life.

But here’s a REAL LIFE story for you. I’m putting it out there…

Over the past two years, I’ve let 10 lbs creep up on me. I know I’m not unhealthy or overweight, but this bothers ME. It bothers me because I’m a coach and this is my passion and what I love to do. I sometimes ask myself, “How can I coach others if I can’t even coach myself to get the results that I want?” I also WANT to be more consistent with eating healthy but it’s a constant struggle for me (FYI – I love BBQ potato chips, pizza, ice cream and wine.)

So, for two years, I’ve bounced around a bit but never FULLY got the 10 lbs off. So, I started the 21 Day Fix Extreme in February will FULL FOCUS. I thought, “I am FINALLY going to make this happen. I’m going to stick to it 100%. I’m going to have AMAZING results.”

Well, that was my first MISTAKE. Telling myself that I would stick to it 100% is totally a set-up for failure. Because I have issues with “all or nothing” thinking. And so when I went off course, it felt like a complete failure rather than telling myself that 90% or even 75% success is good enough.

So, I did well with my nutrition the first week but then started falling off the wagon. And I didn’t totally ever get back on. Haha. I sort of was on and off for the remaining two weeks.

With the workouts, I did REALLY well. I got in 19 of the 21 in three weeks which is pretty darn good for me (and I love them by the way).

At the end, I lost 5 lbs and 6″ but I wanted to do better than that. I wasn’t looking forward to sharing these results and saying “Hey, I didn’t do that great folks!”.

So, those are the “STATS” but I think what this is really all about is how we FEEL in our heads.

Over the past two weeks, I was sort of letting this get me down. What I realized is that all I can do is figure out what lessons I can take out of the situation. I have to figure out what I want to change. And I have to keep moving forward.

As much as it’s hard to put myself out there, if reading this somehow helps one person in some way, then it will be worth it.

So, here were my lessons:

1. Working out 7 days a week doesn’t work for me. It’s too hard on my body. AND, it’s a set-up for feeling like a failure. I need some wiggle room. So, a goal to workout 5 days a week is better for me. So, while I’ll continue doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts, I’m only going to do 5 a week.

My message from this one is do what works for YOU! I absolutely love Beachbody programs and I know they work. However, if you find that tweaking it a bit works better for you and makes it more likely to stick with it, then go for it.

2. It’s basically not possible for me to stick to any nutrition program 100%. So, that should never be my goal. The goal should be more about eating healthier, watching my portions, trying new healthy recipes. It’s more about PROGRESS…not perfection.

With this, I’d like to tell everyone that changing your nutrition is HARD. Like REALLY HARD. And it doesn’t happen over night. It’s a process and all about daily choices. Do your best to work towards improving things over time and don’t dwell on what goes wrong…just keep moving in the direction of your goals.

3. I need to look at everything that went RIGHT. Three years ago, I weighed 25 lbs more than I do now and I was eating tons of junk and processed food and not working out at all. So, I have come a long way baby! Since I started working out, I have not had a major back episode in over TWO YEARS. That is remarkable. And, I am so much happier, more fulfilled, and in a better place.

With this, I say to make a list of all of the POSITIVES and focus on those! I find that most of us put more thought, effort and feelings around the 20% that didn’t go right rather than the 80% that did. Focus on that 80%.

So, that’s my story. I’m still in this. Still working on my journey. Still sharing my story. And still trying to help others.

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